Graphics Creating Project

Online Graphics Jobs
  1. Prepare a 6″ wide and 10″ long graphic in Coral Draw.
  2. Color scheme of the graphic should be black to orange i.e. a mix of black and orange.
  3. Think as we are preparing a cover design for a monthly magazine named “Penguin Nycy” who is in the primary
  4. publication field of political news and analysis.
  5. Graphic should be border-less.
  6. Use you own imagination to illustrate the cover page with proper texts and supporting elements/objects.
  7. The images must look creative, fascinating and eye-catching.
  8. Export the file in .jpeg format.
  9. File size should be less than 500 KB.
  10. Then send the above .cdr and .jpeg formats to our email address which is given in our contact us page.