Powerpoint Presentation Project

Powerpoint Presentation Job

You are supposed to be well aware of MS-PowerPoint utility software which is used to create digital presentation files for various purposes and at various levels.

For preparing the sample file you are being given few required criteria that have to be followed by you.
  • Sample file must contain 7 slide pages.
  • These 7 slides include welcome and Thanking you page as well.
  • You have to work on just any two pages out of all these 11 pages.
  • There must be 3 Photos in this whole presentation.
  • Apart from the cover page you may choose any one page as per your wish
  • No sound effects are required.
  • Animation should be used where it is required i.e. no excessive animations.
  • Slide transaction should be manual i.e. on mouse click.
  • Send the prepared file on our email address given in our Contact Us page.