Voice Recognition Project

The below graphic contains a Medical Prescription Slip that has been written for an X patient regarding his/her illness. In this slip there are two type of text is available.
  • Digitally Printed Text
  • Handwritten Text
  1. You just have to interpret the handwritten part into digital format on word processor (usually MS-Word) and then send us through your Hiresine Account.
  2. Apart from textual conversion of handwritten part you also have to record the same into your own voice with clear throat in an Audio file of any popular format (.mp3, .mp4, .amr. etc.)



Submission of sample work does not require any specific software(s). You can execute this sample work process through usual applications which are pre-installed in all PCs.

But before that you must be a selected member of Hiresine Voice Job Category. If you have not applied yet and feels yourself suitable for this work, you may apply today.