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Opening for becoming a

Survey Panelist

Become an Online Survey Panelist by joining hundreds of panels. Companies Are Paying For Your Opinion and Feedback

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Introduction to Online Paid Survey Job

A Survey Panel is a group of people like you. The people with ideas and opinions that can make a difference. A Panelist’s  job is to provide the business community with qualified, effective and intelligent feedback on a variety of products, services, and concepts. Companies around the globe are producing and improving their products and services only after conducting Market Research through Online Surveys. 

Your opinions are important to decision makers across industries who are always seeking views that can help them design and improve their products and services. Through a Survey Panel, you get a chance to tell companies what you really want and why you want it. And get cool rewards in return!

Role Of Hiresine & What Is Panel Pool

Panel Pool is a combination of multiple survey panels. Through Panel Pool, you get a chance to connect with wit the best survey panel worldwide. Hiresine recommended survey panels gives you the assurance that you receive your earnings on time and your hard work doesn’t go into vain.  

Sound appealing? If you have a good professional background in project management, an interest in learning new skills, & a stable home-office environment we’d love to hear from you.

Technical Requirements

A Panelist Must Be Having

  • A can-do attitude and a proactive outlook
  • Minimum 16 years old or above
  • Good internet knowledge and a solid understanding of cloud-based technologies
  • Elementary typing skills within your professional industry
  • A computer with up-to-date software

Job Responsibilities

Things Your Would be Doing As A Survey Panelist

  • Should be taking a survey as soon as it arrives in inbox
  • Should supply honest answers to all the questions
  • Should read a question carefully before giving answers
  • Should complete his profile complete in order to receive better-paying surveys.

Incentive and Earnings

Application Procedure

If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Paid Surveyor with the help of Online Jobdesk, please know the application procedure. It’s 100% Free. As a new candidate you just need to create your profile with Hiresine with the use of your latest details and you will be able to apply for this job in next few of minutes for free.